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Most Upper-Limb Amputations are Traumatic in Origin, and 94% of Them Occur at the Fingers and Metacarpals

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Fingers are the most common level of all traumatic amputations and, because the hand accounts for 90 percent of the function of the arm, this means that an individual with a loss of five digits can experience up to a 54 percent whole person impairment. Naked Prosthetics will be addressing the demographics of this population, solutions available on the market, and how our prostheses, in particular, are designed with this population in mind....
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Leininger, Drew
Organization: Naked Prosthetics

Drew Leininger is the Director of Global Business Development for Naked Prosthetics.

Rock, Dana
Organization: Naked Prosthetics

Dana Rock, MSPO, CP, is a Clinical Specialist with Naked Prosthetics.