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How to Measure Fit and Modify a ALLELES Lower Limb Prosthetic Cover

November 22, 2021 — December 19, 2025
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For the past 10 years we have been working with clinicians and amputees across the US and Canada to develop a prosthetic covering system that works with the majority of lower limb prostheses. With our mission always being to create choice for clients, we continued to refine our product to increase durability, fit, and ease of ordering. We will walk you through how to work with our covers to get a successful fit for your clients, how to make modifications if needed and discuss product benefits that warrant reimbursement. Imagine giving your clients the same amount of choice as walking into a shoe store. Our goal is that clients leave your clinic empowered by choice and looking and feeling their best....
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Palibroda, Ryan
Organization: The ALLELES Design Studio Ltd.

Ryan Palibroda co-founded the ALLELES Design Studio 8 years ago in the fall 2013. Prior to founding ALLELES, Ryan worked as an architect on the design team for the CHUM super hospital in Montreal and was also an exhibiting artist for more than a decade. With a background in digital fabrication and parametric design, Ryan decided that his skills were better suited for the scale of product design