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Technical Fabrication Solutions

March 24, 2021 — February 28, 2024
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Review the technical fabrication education from the 2020 National Assembly which consists of the following presentations:

Fabrication Lab Safety in the 21st Century

Alignment, Transfer, and Lamination of Posterior Mounted Foot Solution

Is Your Socket Strong Enough? How Do You Know?

Internal Ridged Frame, Flexible Urethane Socket Fabrication

Lean Fabrication Lab How Many Devices Can You Fabricate in a Day? View Course Preview....

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Cutti, Andrea Giovanni

Andreas Giovanni Cutti, PhD, MEng, serves as Applied Research Manager, INAIL Prosthetic Center and as a member of ISO TC 168 Committee. He earned his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from University of Bologna, Italy.

Erenstone, Jeff
Organization: Mountain Orthotic & Prosthetic Services

Jeffrey Erenstone, CPO, founded Operation Namaste and is the owner of Mountain Orthotic and Prosthetic Services.

Hale, Sam
Organization: Fillauer

Sam Hale, CPO, is the Director of Product Development and Education for Fillauer.

Leonard, Niles
Organization: Leonard Industries

Niles Leonard incorporated Leonard Industries in 2016 and earned his welding certification in SMAG, MIG, gas, and TIG.

Mattson, Greg
Organization: Fabtech Systems LLC

Greg Mattson, CTPO, CPA, is President of Fabtech Systems LLC.

Steer, Joshua

Joshua Steer, PhD is the Founder and CEO of Radii Devices.

Wimberley, Scott
Organization: Fabtech Systems LLC

Scott Wimberley, CTPO, CPA, helped start Fabtech Systems currently serving as COO and Technical director, creating and refining new products and processes.

Zeier, Klaus
Organization: DIN e. V.

Klaus Zeier is the Committee Manager of ISO committees related to medical devices ISO/TC 150 and 168.

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