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Multi-Scale Integration in Upper Limb Prosthetics

December 31, 2021 — May 31, 2024
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Upper-limb prostheses (ULPs) are essential to one’s own sense of self and the ability to complete activities of daily living. Yet abandonment rates are as high as 50% in some patient populations. In this course, subject-matter experts will address several key domains where ULPs are most critically lacking, and where there are accessible opportunities for improvement. Our panelists come from varied backgrounds, with expertise in ULP design, development, and delivery. View Course Preview....
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Mikosz, Matthew

Matt Mikosz, CP, LP, is a National Upper Extremity Specialist with Hanger Clinic. Matt is also the inventor of the MFinger and the new TIT AN ratcheting locking finger.

Phillips, Sam

Sam Phillips, PhD, CP, is currently participating in the VA home study of the DEKA arm, a multi-degree of freedom prosthetic arm.

Pilarski, Patrick

Patrick Pilarski, PhD, is a Canada Research Chair in Machine Intelligence for Rehabilitation, and Faculty of Medicine at University of Alberta. He is principal investigator with the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute.

Stark, Gerald
Organization: Ottobock

Gerald Stark, PhD, MSEM, CPO/L, FAAOP(D), is a Senior Clinical Specialist for Ottobock Healthcare.

Wininger, Mike
Organization: University of Hartford

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