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New Feet by WillowWood Discover Innovative and Emerging Technologies

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This session will introduce new and emerging prosthetic foot technologies from WillowWood. The first, is the Koa LP, offering smooth rollover and high energy return, all bundled into one of the lowest build heights among fiberglass feet. The session will provide mechanical and clinical test data proving the efficacy of the Koa LP. The second part of the session will introduce an emerging technology funded by a grant from the NIH that restores physiological function of the human ankle in the frontal plane, allowing users to easily navigate uneven terrain with better stability and more consistent socket pressures. The session will review simulation, mechanical and clinical research that proves the efficacy of the technology....
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Colvin, Jim
Organization: WillowWood

Jim Colvin, MS, is the Director of Research and Technology at WillowWood.

Speelman, Raymond
Organization: WillowWood

Raymond Speelman, CP, COF, is a Regional Account Manager with WillowWood.

Wernke, Matthew
Organization: WillowWood

Matthew Wernke, PhD, is an Applied Research Engineer for WillowWood.