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Keeping Pace with Surgical Advancements

April 14, 2023 — 14, 2025
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With a rise in alternative surgeries (lumpectomy, partial mastectomy and reconstruction) in place of the radical and modified radical mastectomy, many more breast cancer survivors require non-traditional breast forms. Partial forms have been available for many years but are they fully embraced by the professionals entrusted with guiding women through this delicate process? Join a panel of experts in the postmastectomy care community as they discuss how the advancements in surgeries has created more challenging fittings for Certified Mastectomy Fitters....
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Organization: Just Like A Women

Margy Imlay is the owner and president of Just Like a Woman specialty lingerie in Portland, Oregon. Her facility is recognized for its dedication to unparalleled customer service and knowledge. Margy is also employed by O&P Edu, as its lead mastectomy trainer. She assisted in the course preparation and is teaching future mastectomy fitters using O&P’s virtual platform. Margy is a health educator

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