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How Cool is That! New Liners by WillowWood Deliver Comfort, Security, and Improved Quality of Life

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This course will introduce new liners developed by WillowWood. Attendees will learn how Phase Change Materials (PCM) used in WillowWood’s new Alpha SmartTemp TPE liner manages heat and perspiration within the prosthetic socket to delay the onset of sweat and keep amputees cool and comfortable. The session will include an overview describing the procedures and results of award-winning scientific research studies to measure the change in skin temperature and perspiration of prosthesis users in a controlled laboratory setting. Discover the new Alpha Tru-Seal liner and what makes it a unique offering for transfemoral amputees. Learn tips on sizing, modification, shape capture and fitting recommendations....
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Rystad, Anthony

Anthony Rystad, MS, CPO, is the Director of Education for WillowWood.

Speelman, Raymond
Organization: WillowWood

Ray Speelman, CP, COF, is a member of the WillowWood's clinical education team.