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Triple Action: Theory of Operation, Clinical Applications & Fabrication

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The Triple Action® ankle joint was developed to enhance the clinical impact of orthotic care by enhancing the tuning of ankle and knee stability for patients with Stroke, CP, MS and other neuromotor conditions. This program provides a functional overview, clinical applications and fabrication of this unique orthotic component. Learn how the Triple Action design isolates the influence of ankle alignment, active resistance and ankle range of motion to give the orthotist a clinical tool to help optimize orthotic care for their patients....
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Janka, Beatrice
Organization: Becker Orthopedic Appliance Co.

Beatrice Janka, MPO, CPO, is a clinical prosthetist-orthotist within Becker Orthopedic's Patient Care Division as well as the senior product development engineer on Becker's Research and Product Development team.

Schwartz, Mike
Organization: Becker Orthopedic Appliance Co.

Mike Schwartz is a Product Development Engineer on Becker’s Research and Development Team.