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Post Mastectomy- Opening and Patient Journey

March 23, 2023 — 23, 2025
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A breast surgery patients’ journey is not linear, and she may need a wide variety of products as she navigates her way through surgery recovery and beyond. We will review a foundational concept of the breast cancer patient journey and what it means to your business. During this presentation you will learn the product segments that will best serve your patient through each phase of surgery, and throughout her lifetime. Understanding your patient, and all the ways you can serve her, will set the tone for your time in the post‐mastectomy workshops...
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Brown, Rachel
Organization: Amoena USA

Rachel Brown is the National Trainer for Amoena USA. She has been working as a Certified Mastectomy Fitter since 2011. Rachel was a Cancer Care Boutique Manager in Ohio, where she worked with local YSC and FORCE Chapters consulting about products and resources available after breast surgeries. Rachel is passionate about helping women through breast surgery recovery, and strives to empower others

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