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Contemporary Perspectives on Low Back Pain in the Population with Limb Loss

April 30, 2022
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Low back pain is known to be pervasive among individuals with lower extremity limb loss. Low back pain was also recently found to be the leading cause of US service member removal from active combat sites resulting in coinciding issue for the Military, Veteran, and civilian sectors alike. This discovery has led to a renewed effort into invesĀ­tigating the causes and creating possible solutions. A summary on the subject matter will be presented by top researchers along with developing results. Multi-disciplinary perspectives on the theory and ramifications of low back pain in patients with lower extremity limb loss throughout the sector continuum will also be discussed. View Course Preview....
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Farrokhi, Shawn
Area of expertise: Research

Shawn Farrokhi, PhD, DPT, currently serves as Facility Director of Research at the DoD-VA Extremity Trauma and Amputation Center of Excellence.

Highsmith, Jason

Jason Highsmith, DPT, PhD, CP, FAAOP, is Deputy Chief of Research for the VA/DOD Extremity Trauma & Amputation Center of Excellence, Associate Professor at the University of South Florida and a Captain in the US Army Reserves.

Klenow, Tyler
Organization: Martin Bionics Innovations

Tyler Klenow, MSOP, MBA, LCPO, FAAOP, currently works with Martin Bionics Innovations.

Mayer, John

John M. Mayer, DC, PhD, CCRP, FACSM, is the Scientific Officer, Director of Research & Innovation, and Board of Directors Member for the Vert Mooney Research Foundation.

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