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Using All of Surestep: Solutions for Toe Walking and the Trunk

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Join Surestep as we tackle some of the more challenging pediatric populations. We will discuss toe walking, both “idiopathic” and non-idiopathic. We will show cases and treatment solutions for patients lacking typical range of motion at the ankles, knees, or hips. Take advantage of combining solutions on our product line with our full central fabrication to meet all of your needs for this patient population. We will also discuss the importance of breathing in all of our pediatric populations. Did you know that your outcomes for lower extremity orthoses can be affected, positively or negatively, by how your patient breathes? Come learn all about how we can evaluate and treat poor trunk posture in ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients and reach goals of everyone on the care team!...
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Smith, Megan
Organization: SureStep

Megan Smith, CO, is the Director of Clinical Research with SureStep.