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Growing Your Business with Naked Prosthetics

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In this advanced product training, Naked Prosthetics will take you behind the scenes of our engineering process to discuss how we are able to alter our designs to accommodate challenging presentations to deliver successful patient outcomes. We’ll define optimal candidacy for each of products and show examples of how Certified Prosthetists across the world are delivering strong outcomes to patients with common non-optimal presentations. There is a shift in the paradigm for care and rehabilitation for partial hand amputees. Grow your business and become the go-to clinician in your area for partial-digit and hand amputees!...
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Ratliff, Molly
Organization: Naked Prosthetics

Molly Ratliff is passionate about education. Molly is an engaging speaker and virtual host who spreads awareness of NP prosthetic solutions throughout the Northeast United States. Molly is an expert at curating opportunities with and for prosthetists, therapists, doctors, and other industry professionals who work closely with this underserved patient population, resulting in exceptional patient

Smith, Christopher
Organization: Naked Prosthetics

Chris Smith is a Clinical Specialist and is a certified and licensed prosthetist/orthotist with a master's in Prosthetics & Orthotics (MPO) from the University of Washington. He has several years experience working closely with both PTs and OTs, and brings with him a unique perspective that could only be earned by drawing from clinical work across multiple rehabilitation medicine disciplines.