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Coapt Gen2: Guide to Complete Control for Myoelectric Upper Extremity Prosthetics

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Coapt's CONTROL COACH is a powerful new feature of the COMPLETE CONTROL pattern recognition system. This workshop will cover how clinicians and users alike benefit from game-changing A.I. technology that monitors, teaches, and enables Coapt pattern recognition wearers to constantly find improvements in control robustness and intuitiveness. Attendees will see the app interface, the at-home usage, and the true power of this daily, wearable, smart prosthesis coach....
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Karlson, Erica
Organization: Coapt LLC

Erica Karlson is Coapt's Director of Sales.

Robinson, Shawn
Organization: Coapt LLC

Shawn Robinson is Coapt's East Coast Regional Manager.

Schick, Julie
Organization: Coapt LLC

Julie Schick, CP, OTR, is a Clinical Specialist at Coapt.