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New Findings in the Treatment of Dysvascular Foot Disease

May 31, 2021 — 31, 2024
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This symposium focuses on the recent research on the care and treatment of dysvascular foot disease. The speakers will discuss classic functional teachings in light of the recent research about dysvascular foot disease and wound healing. View Course Preview....
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Dillon, Michael

Michael Dillon, PhD, BPO (Hons) is a Senior Lecturer in P&O at La Trobe University, and an Honorary Research Fellow at the Royal Melbourne Hospital where he supports clinicians to undertake research and translate research evidence into practice.

Pascarella, Luigi

Luigi Pascarella, MD, is a Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery for University of Iowa Health Care.

Shurr, Don
Organization: American Prosthetics & Orthotics Inc.

Donald Shurr, CPO, PT, is Director of Education and Director of Special Projects for American Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc.

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