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Upper Extremity Orthotics

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The hand is one of the most complex pieces of natural engineering in the human body. Keeping it functional is a very worthwhile cause and a high priority. The program will start out with a review of the anatomy of the wrist/hand complex. We will review orthopedic related wrist/hand issues and determine the correct orthotic interventions. Then our focus will shift to the post-stroke hand, the challenges it presents and the goals of keeping or making it functional again. Finally, we will look at a resting hand splint that has the potential to optimize compliance and functional outcomes....
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Appel, Justi
Organization: Allard USA Inc.

Justi Appel CO, PhD, FAAOP, is currently the director of education and clinical support for Allard USA.

Meier, Robert
Organization: Allard USA Inc.

Bob Meier, CO, has been active in the orthotics, therapeutic exercise and biomechanics fields since 1978, and has been conducting education programs since 1982.